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Geriatric Nurse, Geriatric Care Assistant, Dietician, Occupational therapist, Educator, Health Worker and Assistant Nurse, Health Care Support Worker, Paediatric Nurse, Speech Therapist, Masseur and Balneotherapist, Physiotherapist, Emergency Medical Technician, Social Assistant - these are various kind of nurses.

According to a spokesperson for the German Hospital Federation DKGE, even before the Covid-19 outbreak there were around 17,000 jobs open for nursing staff and 3,000 for doctors in German hospitals.

2E Skills, the Vocational Training Institute set-up by 2E Knowledge Ventures Pvt Ltd., and Cognos jointly launch the first ever programme for vocational training in Germany under dual system for Indian citizens. The programme has been designed to offer a seamless gateway to German dual vocational training system and to make a career in Germany at an affordable cost.

German Dual system of vocational Education
The German dual system of vocational education is world renowned for its delivery of quality human resource to the industry for past 200 years. Germans credit the success of their industry to the dual system of vocational training which has now being adopted worldwide. The dual system of education requires the candidate to join a company on full time basis on an apprentice job contract. The curriculum has been designed to do the practical in the company and theory classes are organized with the respective schools.



Why should you be a nurse in Germany?

  • Flexible working hours

    Nurses can decide on how much time they want to invest in their job, and what their shift preference is. They can choose if they only work 20 hours or 40 hours weekly, and if they prefer to work in the morning or at night.

  • Good work-life balance

    Thanks to better shift management, nurses are able to plan a better lifestyle like going to the gym in the mornings when it's not as crowded, or making a short trip to Paris or Venice during a longer weekend.

  • International experience

    Germany has a very high standard of healthcare and it's good to start your career with such solid foundation.

  • Fair treatment

    Nurses from other countries are paid the same as German nurses, especially at public institutions like government-run hospitals.

  • Further education

    Nurses have the option, and even encouraged to further their studies either via Professional Training (Weiterbildung) or a Bachelor's degree. Some of the bigger institutions will even sponsor their nurses.

  • Better salary
    • Receive an allowance even during your adaptation

    Year of training Pay in Euros per month

    • 1 Year - 950
    • 2 Year - 1000
    • 3 Year – 1050
    • Once you are qualified, you will receive a salary of €2500 to €2800 monthly.
    • Do take note that you will have to pay tax from your above mentioned salary.
  • Paid holidays

    Nurses enjoy at least 20 paid holidays yearly. That means you can take a month off to visit your family back at your home country.

  • Job security

    If you are good at what you do, you will be able to keep your job even when the economy is not doing well. Healthcare is an important part of the German society, and will always be in high demand.

  • Live in the heart of Europe
    • There are many top destinations within an hour or two from Germany. Watch out for flight deals, a return flight to as far as Athens, Greece might go as low as €100.
    • The certification is accepted across the world andcandidates can seek employment anywhere in Europe and other developed countries.

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