Dr.-Ing. Daniel Hahn

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Hahn, born 1969, studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University Aachen (RWTH Aachen), Germany. In the year 2001 he joined APS – European Centre for Mechatronics as a Research Scientist. At APS, he successfully accomplished the national projects “Service Interface” and “Workshop Robot” funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) as well “MUMASY” (German Ministry of Education and Research) and “Dockwelder” (FP5). In 2007, he got his PhD in the topic of robots in a workshop-oriented production for small batch production. In FP 6, Dr. Hahn was responsible for the R&D within the project “OSIRIS” at APS and contributed to the IP “SOCRADES-EU”. Further, he is senior researcher for APS in the FP7 flagship project “IMC-AESOP” and Dr. Hahn was invited as a panelist to the IEEE IECON IES Industry Forum in Melbourne regarding Next Generation Industrial Communication.

In addition, Dr. Hahn has successfully accomplished several industry projects and he is giving lectures and presentations. Dr. Hahn is a well-known researcher around the world. He had been chosen as key expert for the TECHNOLOGY CENTRE SYSTEMSPROGRAMME from Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, and the World Bank. Furthermore, he got invited in November 2016 to the Global Technology Forum in Seoul, South Korea.

Besides his know-how in project management, he has extensive experience and considerable knowledge in the fields of IT tools for manufacturing, automation strategies, human-centred engineering, and mechatronical solutions. APS has a strong link to industry and currently develops and implements a unique four robot solution with the overall design, electrical planning, and  safety in addition with the process operations. Several industry workshops about industrial automation had been performed regarding robot applications, robot/control requirements, economic analysis, life cycle management, robot cells examples etc.

Furthermore, Dr. Hahn developed a new online learning platform with remote access to a real robot. This learning platform has already 10 members in India with Indian students executing five different industry projects with Assembly, Welding, Sense&Pick&Place and Palletizing. This program includes a 6 weeks remote faculty training and a 2 week faculty training in Germany. The professors are taught in robotics, robot control and simulation for knowledge transfer to their students at their university/college. This included the preparation of all the documents, learning modules, lectures, project descriptions, HOWTOs as well as the set-up of the technical and communication infrastructure.

In a whole, Dr. Hahn has 17 years of experience in the area of mechatronics and robotics. Focal points are design, development and testing of robotic systems for tasks like assembly, welding, palletizing with sensor integration (2d-/3d machine vision) as well as distributed control systems in automation (Next Generation SCADA) and PLC automation.

Dr. Hahn visited India the first time in the year 1997. Up to now, he was 10 times in India and he visited many Universities, Colleges and R&D centres plus various industries. He is an eligible guest at international conferences and workshops all over India.